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Please note all images used on www.avalonartscapes.co.uk are from our own portfolio of work done within Ripon and throughout the surrounding North Yorkshire area unless otherwise stated.




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Contact Dan Metcalfe: 01765 692098



Tree Houses

Avalon Artscapes is looking for the opportunity to create a tree house which will add great value to your garden, whether it be for your children or as an outdoor work area for you.

With no previous tree houses to our name we are looking for an opportunity to combine the various transferable skills required for such a job into this opportunity. We have come close to building a tree house structurally but not actually. For example we have built a raised deck 5’ off the ground around large mature trees and we have also helped create six timber clad and framed holiday shacks in woodland clearings. It is just a short step to marry the two up and create the perfect tree house.

Should you be looking for a tree house please contact Avalon Artscapes who will be more the willing to ensure both parties coming out winners. Dan his team with valuable experience and you with a fantastic new tree house.