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Please note all images used on www.avalonartscapes.co.uk are from our own portfolio of work done within Ripon and throughout the surrounding North Yorkshire area unless otherwise stated.




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Hard Landscaping and Construction

These elements make up the “skeletal structure” of a garden around which planting and other features are designed. Hard landscaping is basically any aspect of the garden which is not planting and therefore tends to be more structural.

During construction it is the most time consuming and messy aspect of a build but it is also the most important. As a house is only as good as its foundation and structure so a garden is the same. So it is worth spending the time and effort getting it right and when done correctly the hard landscaping should sit well both physically and visually with the rest of the garden and locality. At Avalon Artscapes we are experienced in creating a hard landscape that is designed to compliment your garden and not only add beauty and be soft on the eye but will be built to stand the test of time.

Please have a look through our Garden Design Portfolio  or our Hard Landscaping Portfolio to view a few of the jobs we have completed. We do pride ourselves in finding a way to make your garden work for you and enjoy finding the answer to whatever problem we come across, but also have an experienced team to fulfil the simplest of paving, patio or decking requests you may have.